Emmanuel College

How Emmanuel College are using ClassVR & Avanti’s World to Deliver Virtual Field Trips

Emmanuel College in Carrara, Queensland have been adding value to their lessons with ClassVR for 4 years and have recently started using Avanti’s World, the world’s first educational virtual reality theme park.

We spoke to Mark Savery, Head of e-Learning at Emmanuel College to discuss how ClassVR & Avanti’s World have impacted and changed teaching and learning for the better.

Making Field Trips Possible… Virtually

Case Studies: Make Field Trips Possible

For many schools, field trips have been cancelled far and wide and the same goes for Emmanuel College. With restrictions on international travel and even national & local travel, students at Emmanuel College have been using virtual reality to experience these field trips safely from the classroom in a virtual setting.

“Our German students would have typically had the opportunity to travel to Germany, due to the pandemic our students aren’t able to do so. ClassVR & Avanti’s World has allowed them to enjoy a walk along the Berlin wall virtually. They were able to delve into the culture and experience virtually walking around the space.”

A Greater Learning Experience

Case Studies: A-Greater Learning Experience

From the life cycle of a plant, the inside of the vein to exploring the industrial revolution, Emmanuel College have benefitted from a wide range of learning scenes to explore in a fully immersive environment.

“We’ve been using Avanti’s World alongside the great curriculum content to complement the lesson we’re delivering in ClassVR. Utilising a mix of 360 images and videos, Avanti’s World enables students to walk around and explore a virtual environment giving a deeper level to their learning experience. Our students really love the interactivity of it… it brings learning to life.”

Guided Student Exploration

Case Studies: Guided Student Exploration

To get the most out of every lesson, teachers at Emmanuel College can create teacher-controlled environments or even allow students to explore learning scenes together.

“It’s great for our students to have the freedom to explore these environments, while also as a teacher, being in control, able to direct where our students are looking and engage with points of interest or objects throughout the lesson. Our next step is to explore the different worlds available and see how the student activities and quizzes compliment them.”

How Would You Sum Up Avanti’s World?

Case Studies: Sum up Avantis World

When asked the big question above, Mark Savery, Head of e-Learning at Emmanuel College responded with the following:

“Avanti’s World is an innovative and exciting addition! It provides hundreds of education experiences in the one virtual theme park environment. What’s great is it’s designed to allow staff and student to virtually explore all aspects of the curriculum in an interactive and engaging experience.”