Avanti’s World Teacher Grant


Avanti’s World is the world’s first educational virtual reality theme park. From one exciting park, students can discover, investigate and explore hundreds of explorable virtual reality scenes independently, in a group, or even in a teacher-controlled environment. Covering all areas of the educational curriculum, from science to history and geography, Avanti’s World takes your students to places that are literally impossible all from the safety of a ClassVR headset or web browser.

Each explorable scene also comes with a comprehensive set of educational resources to give purpose to student exploration, including detailed subject information, tasks and activities and even quizzes and essays to test knowledge at the end of the lesson.

Using Avanti’s World Online, teachers can get the most out of every lesson, with powerful reporting and assessment tools to monitor student progress and attainment. Avanti’s World gives everything you need to add value to your teaching and learning. Learn more about Avanti’s World here.


Avantis Education is thrilled to be giving away Avanti’s World Platinum Passes to 100 lucky schools who are looking to transform teaching and learning in their classroom. Successful Platinum Pass Holders should be leaders in the integration of technology and technology resources, not only in their school, but the surrounding local, regional and even national levels. They are passionate educators who impact their students and influence other educators to teach using new technologies designed to engage the 21st Century student.

All applicants must be the following to be accepted:

  1. Employed by a public or private school ranging ages 4-16
  2. In a student-facing instructional role (not administration or support staff)
  3. Supported by local administration for participation
  4. Willing to dedicate time to be an active user and advocate of Avanti’s World

Our mission is to showcase best practice examples of what educators are doing in the classrooms with today’s technologies and to connect like-minded teachers. Platinum Pass Holders will be required to provide feedback, promote engagement and support marketing efforts of Avanti’s World to create a collaborative community. #AvantisWorld #AWPlatinum


To apply for an Avanti’s World Platinum Pass you will need to fill in the application form and include the following:

  1. Approval from your school administrator/administration
  2. Details of your personal/professional level teaching

This form will not auto-save your progress between sessions. Please download a copy of the application questions if necessary.

If you have specific questions about the Avanti’s World Platinum Pass in the USA/N. America, you may email Christopher Klein, directly at chris.klein@avantiseducation.com.