• 6 Zones

    Engaging Earth Land

    Explore our incredible planet from pole to pole. Delve into Earth's Beautiful Biomes, experience some of its most extreme climates and conditions in the Wild Weather Zone, and find out what's happening underground in the Geology Zone. Climb up the stairs to the viewing platform to get a close look at the globe and uncover its secrets in the Wonderful World Zone, or find out about famous Rivers and Oceans and how they shape our environment.
  • 4 Zones

    Literacy Land

    Jump into some of the world's best-known texts and see the visions of the world’s greatest writers bought to life!
  • 4 Zones

    Showcase Land

    Visit our Showcase Land free of charge, to see exactly what Avantis World is all about! Meet dinosaurs, dive deep inside a human vein, step on the moon or climb a giant beanstalk, anything is possible in Avantis World!
  • 7 Zones

    Super Science Land

    Visit Super Science land and meet amazing animals and their habitats, take a trip through our incredible human body, find out all about materials properties and states, blast off through space and time and go deep inside our technological world!
  • 6 Zones

    Trip Through Time Land

    Take a trip through time and see Dinosaurs, visit ancient temples, take distant voyages and meet amazing people!