Literacy Land

Jump into some of the world's best-known texts and see the visions of the world’s greatest writers bought to life!

Welcome to Literacy Land in Avanti’s World, designed to immerse students in the settings of well-known books, poems and plays. This Land contains different Zones, each filled with many opportunities for students to deepen their understanding of the texts that they are studying.

Have you ever wished you could take a school trip into the setting of a novel? Or step into one of Shakespeare’s most famous scenes? What does it feel like to visit the house of the Three Bears like Goldilocks does in the traditional tale? How could exploring the setting of To Kill a Mockingbird help students develop their understanding of the key themes in the novel?

Explore the different Zones of Literacy Land, each one full of scenes to support student understanding of well-known narratives:

  • Early Years Zone
  • Classic Books Zone
  • Poets Corner Zone
  • Shakespeare Zone

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Land Includes

  • 4 Zones
  • 48 Scenes
  • 48 Quizzes
  • Land Certificate