Super Science Land

Visit Super Science land and meet amazing animals and their habitats, take a trip through our incredible human body, find out all about materials properties and states, blast off through space and time and go deep inside our technological world!

Welcome to Super Science Land, your gateway to understanding how things work! Hands-on learning is a fantastic way to get scientific concepts across, but what can you do when an investigation isn’t practical or possible? How can you help students to really understand how blood moves through the body, how animals are adapted to wide-ranging habitats, or how forces balance to keep an aircraft flying?

Step through the gates into each of the Zones within Super Science Land to find the answers to these questions and more:

  • Plants Zone
  • Animals and Habitats Zone
  • Humans and Anatomy Zone
  • Materials, Properties and States Zone
  • Energy and Forces Zone
  • Time and Space Zone
  • Technology Zone

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Land Includes

  • 7 Zones
  • 132 Scenes
  • 132 Quizzes
  • Land Certificate