Trip Through Time Land

Take a trip through time and see Dinosaurs, visit ancient temples, take distant voyages and meet amazing people!

Welcome to Trip Through Time Land, the historical area of Avantis World, designed to help students put themselves in the shoes of people who lived long ago. This Land is filled with opportunities to explore the history of humanity (and before that, dinosaurs!).

Have you ever wished you could take your students back in time? How would they react if they could experience what life was really like in the trenches of the First World War, or see the incredible hieroglyphics inside Ancient Egyptian tombs? How could experiencing Shakespeare’s Globe enhance their understanding of Tudor England? What would your students notice if they walked around the first European settlements in Colonial America?

Step into the Zones, arranged in chronological order, to immerse yourself in the past:

  • Prehistoric Zone
  • Early Humanity Zone
  • Early Civilisation Zone
  • Age of Exploration Zone
  • Age of Revolution Zone
  • Modern World Zone

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Land Includes

  • 6 Zones
  • 119 Scenes
  • 119 Quizzes
  • Land Certificate