Educational Virtual Reality Pricing for Schools in the US

Avantis World Subscriptions

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Individual Purchasing Options


  • FREE!

  • 1 Park ticket
  • Limited park access
  • Community support

  • $99/yr

  • 35 Park tickets
  • Full park access
  • Student progress reporting
  • Collaborative learning
  • Email support

School Purchasing Options


  • $499/yr

  • Park tickets for school*
  • Full park access
  • Student progress reporting
  • Collaborative learning
  • Email & phone support

  • $TBD

  • Park tickets for everyone*
  • Full park access
  • Student progress reporting
  • Collaborative learning
  • Dedicated support

Every Avantis World subscription includes:

Avantis Robot

Exciting virtual reality curriculum resources

  • Virtual reality lands built around subjects in curriculum including Geography, History and Science

Detailed supporting information with every virtual scene

  • Includes facts, figures and additional information to provide context to every learning scene
  • Helps build students understanding of each learning scene before they explore

Hundreds of focused activities and tasks for students

  • Each learning scene provides tasks for students to complete to guide exploration
  • Encourages students to question each scene to build further knowledge

Detailed assessment resources per topic

  • Includes multiple choice, fill the gap, drag and drop and essay style questions
  • Puts students understanding of each topic to the test

Curriculum aligned resources

  • Activities and resources aligned to subjects and topics across the curriculum
  • Includes worksheets, lesson plans and detailed subject information

New content added every month

  • New learning scenes and supporting resources are developed and made available to customers every month
  • Provides new and exciting ways for you to utilise VR in the classroom

Teacher dashboard

  • A high-level overview of student performance and progress
  • Ensures you’re getting the most out of the software

Single sign on

  • Simplify log-in with single sign-on capabilities
  • Designed to save you time

Multi-platform support

  • Works on any device with a web browser, including ClassVR headsets
  • Designed to support learning anywhere, at any time

ClassVR Integration

  • Integrates directly with the ClassVR portal to push scenes quickly and easily to ClassVR headsets
  • Provides hundreds more learning scenes and supporting content beyond those included in the ClassVR portal

The following features are also included within all paid subscription levels:

Student management

  • Easily add and remove students from your class
  • Ensures your class is always up-to-date

Progress tracking

  • Monitor student’s progress through each learning scene and land
  • Keep students on track and maximise learning time

Essay marking and grading

  • Easily review and grade student essays directly from your web browser
  • Monitor student performance quickly and easily

Comprehensive reporting

  • Overview of how students are progressing and performing throughout the learning scenes and lands
  • Can be filtered to whole-class or individual student basis as required

CSV exporting

  • All reports can be exported into CSV files for further review
  • Can be uploaded into other software solutions as appropriate

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*School access pass limited to one K-12 school site. Please contact us for details.