Collaborate with school students on any device

Collaborate from anywhere... Safe, engaging, collaborative experiences
from any device, any place, any time...
Teacher delivering remote learning lesson

Supports Classroom, Remote, & Hybrid Teaching & Learning

Avantis World brings a class of students together in virtual reality, irrespective of location or device. Whether they’re in the classroom or learning remotely, students can learn as one.

Accessible from a ClassVR headset or any device with a web browser, Avantis World supports any learning scenario imaginable, helping ensure real value can be added to any lesson with VR, no matter where or what students are learning from.

Deliver lessons your way

Supporting multiple teaching methodologies, Avantis World offers a variety of ways for teachers and students to engage and explore the virtual reality theme park. Different ‘modes’ allow teachers to define how to deliver the experience, and how students themselves experience it.

Experience Avantis World alone or in groups

With our collaborative technology, each student can either visit Avantis World in a secure, individual session, or can join a group session with their peers. ‘Solo’ or ‘Shared’ sessions are available:


Students can explore learning scenes or zones independently, giving them freedom to question, discover and explore at their own, uninterrupted pace.


Peer learning facilitates a more engaging experience, and in shared mode, students can explore scenes together, allowing for collaboration and communication as they immerse themselves in each educational scene.

Independent or directed learning

It’s great to be able to explore and investigate the amazing variety of content within Avantis World, however sometimes we want to focus a students attention. ‘Explorable’ and ‘Guided’ modes support this.


In explorable mode, students can roam and navigate their way through the whole of Avantis World either alone, with a classmate or in a group.


From a teacher-controlled environment, students can explore selected scenes all whilst being directed and guided through the experience by the teacher, helping to minimise distractions, focus learning and maximise knowledge retention.

Educational - Themepark Multi Device

Any device, Any time

Not everyone has access to virtual reality headsets, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to benefit from VR. Avantis World is a multi-platform product that helps bring virtual reality to any device, anywhere. Whether you are utilising a ClassVR headset, a laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone, Avantis World can be explored!

Avantis World combines virtual reality and online resources in a comprehensive web-based learning portal, allowing students to not only utilise this technology in the classroom, but also at home in remote learning situations.