FREE! Avanti’s World TEACHER Access Pass

FREE forever! Access Avanti’s World and sample some of the educational resources within the park, including VR and AR resoruces, lesson plans, quizzes, and assignments to trial with your students…

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The world’s first virtual reality educational theme park

Avanti’s World is an incredible new way for your students to access a thrilling library of VR based experiences blended with traditional teaching and learning resources, all in one amazing place!

Avanti’s World has been designed to give students an immersive and engaging way to explore places they could never go, to experience things they could not even imagine, and to explore concepts in new and exciting ways, fully immersing themselves in a total unique learning experience. What’s more is it is powered by new collaborative VR technology, allowing students and teachers to explore all the park has to offer, independently or collaboratively from anywhere with an internet connection!

In addition to each virtual land, Avanti’s World comes complete with a separate web-based learning platform, delivering additional supporting resources, including facts, tasks, worksheets, quizzes and assessments, all based around the theme park’s learning zones and scenes. A separate teacher login provides access to enhanced assessment and reporting tools, allowing you to monitor, assess and grade students’ attainment and progress through the park, demonstrating their knowledge retention and understanding of each topic.

Each Avanti’s World Teacher Pass includes:

  • Access to 1 teacher account with an associated 1 student per teacher
  • Access to all of our educational scenes in 3 exciting lands, to explore free of any constraints
  • Access to additional learning resources, activities and assessments on a separate web learning platform
  • Comprehensive set of assessment and reporting tools for teachers
  • Solo learning experiences with remote access from any internet connection

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