TEACHER SUPPORT: Video Guides & Articles

The following support guides and articles have been designed to help teachers using Avantis World. Please click on the questions below to view the relevant support guide or video.

Using Avantis World as a teacher

This video guide is a perfect introduction to Avantis World.

It explains how you can use your new account to explore and learn within the theme park.

It also details how students can use their devices to explore the virtual learning scenes, either with a ClassVR headset, or via their web browser.

This video guide will explain how to add students to your new group, upload your entire class via CSV, and remove unwanted students from Avantis World.

This video will detail how teachers can view a range of assessment data, and monitor the progress of their students, through the Avantis World dashboard.

This video explains how Teachers can copy a direct link to a specific Scene within Avantis World, ready to be sent to students.

Avantis World student guides (available to students via their dashboard)

This video will explain how to log in to Avantis World, either using your email address or username, given to you by your teacher.

This video explains how to find the lesson you’re looking for within the Lands, Zones and Scenes of Avantis World

This video will explain how to select your topic and complete a quiz within Avantis World.

Your Avantis Account, and the ClassVR / VRroom Portal

This video will guide you through the process of creating a new Avantis Account.

An Avantis Account is a new online account that you will need to be able to access a range of great new features and content.

It is SEPARATE from any other Avantis Product Portal logins such as your existing ClassVR or VRroom accounts.

Full details on this process can be found here:

This video will guide you through the process of connecting your new Avantis Account.

You will need to connect your Avantis Account to your existing Product Portal, to be able to do the following:

  • Access great new content
  • Manage content subscriptions
  • Increase VRroom to 30 users
  • Get access to Avanti’s World
    • Manage students & track progress
    • Access teacher tools & reports

Full details on this process can be found here: