Teacher reporting & assessment

Powerful Reporting and
Assessment Tools for Teachers

One simple place to manage
and report on student progress

Teacher Dashboard

Find everything you need in one simple to use webpage. From the main teacher dashboard you can access a range of information, including how many student ‘park tickets’ you have available, who is currently enrolled in your class, a summary of student progress through the park and links to more detailed reporting and information on park progression for each individual student.

With simple, logical tables, teachers can dive into any aspect of the assessment activities and view individual student results or have a wider view of their class’ progress. You can also manage your account from the dashboard and even invite other teachers to your school or class.

Management of remote learning students
Managing School Students

Simplified Student Management

Get up and running quickly with a simple and easy to use student management interface.

Add and remove students individually, or bulk upload them from a file. Students can be added to the system with or without email addresses and teachers can easily create simple logins for younger students. Students moving classes? No problem, it’s easy to move students between teachers in a safe and secure manner.

Powerful Progress &
Attainment Reporting

To ensure your students are on track and getting the most out of every lesson, Avantis World monitors student progress throughout each learning zone and scene, giving visibility of this progress to both student and teacher alike.

Comprehensive teacher reporting provides a view of individual student progress, including scores on quizzes, time spent on questions and the ability to review and grade submitted files and long form answers, such as essays.

Additionally, whole class progress can be monitored through each land, displaying how far each student in the class has progressed through the land itself. Submitted quizzes, essays or other set activities can be exported for 3rd party assessment tracking tools, simplifying the process of assessment and delivering meaningful assessment data.

Assessment of home learning students