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Breath-taking virtual experiences
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Explorable virtual scenes complete with
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Students learning through VR

Explorable Virtual Reality Scenes

Avantis World is a breath-taking virtual experience for your students. Each virtual reality scene in the park provides a unique explorable experience, creating an engaging way for students to learn specific subjects and topics across the entire curriculum.

Student can access scenes either in virtual reality using a ClassVR headset, or on any mobile device or web browser. Each scene includes a range of structured activities and tasks for students to complete along with supporting information and learning resources, to ensure your students are exploring every learning zone with clarity and purpose.

Self learning portal for school students

Detailed Subject Information

Accessed via a secure website, students start their experience by reading an engaging mission objective to add excitement and direction to their exploration of the scene.

Students can delve into curriculum aligned facts and additional information about each scene as they’re exploring them, helping to provide context as they navigate the immersive landscapes in each zone.

360 Images & Videos

To supplement the explorable scenes further, Avantis World also incorporate 360-degree images and videos to give students a ‘real’ view of people and places, helping consolidate virtual and real worlds.

Images and videos allow students to experience different aspects of a scene, as if they were there in person, creating an immersive experience by blending different media types together.

AR Cube

Augmented 3D Models

There is nothing quite like holding and examining things for yourself. Avantis World includes a series of augmented 3D models throughout the theme park where students can enhance their learning by manipulating objects themselves.

Pickup a black widow spider, hold a cell or inspect a combustion engine, with AR models students can better visualise and understand complex concepts in an engaging way.

Online learning worksheets for students
Worksheets Notes

Worksheets, Quizzes & Notes

In addition to all of the exciting virtual reality and online resources, students can access traditional learning materials such as worksheets, quizzes and documents to help them consolidate what they have learned in the virtual theme park.

Revision material and detailed source notes are available for them to download and print, ready to work through offline or to save as valuable revision guides and notes.