Virtual Reality Lessons

Welcome to the world's first educational VR Theme Park!

Educational Themepark Map

Discover our amazing planet, understand science, travel back in time and become part of literature!

Avantis World is the new and exciting way for students to explore hundreds of virtual reality experiences brought together in the world’s first educational VR theme park. Here you can discover our amazing planet, travel back in time, dig into the wonders of science and bring literature to life. And it’s just the beginning… Avantis World has another three Lands in construction!

The first four lands are open to season ticket holders. It’s time to start exploring…

Engaging Earth Land

Explore our incredible planet from pole to pole. Delve into Earth’s Beautiful Biomes, experience some of its most extreme climates and conditions in the…

Super Science Land

Visit Super Science land and meet amazing animals and their habitats, take a trip through our incredible human body, find out all about materials properties…

VR Teaching History

Trip Through Time Land

Have you ever wished you could take your students back in time? How would they react if they could experience what life was really like in the trenches…

Literacy Land


Take your students on a journey through some of the world’s best known authors & stories. Let them walk through key locations in some of their most famous works…