Beautiful Biomes Zone

Beautiful Biomes Zone

Our planet is home to the most incredible variety of habitats, shaped by climate and landscape. Visit these amazing environments, from deserts, tundra and grasslands to rainforests and polar landscapes.

Biomes are the communities of life that make up our thriving planet. Take your students to visit an incredible range of these habitats: explore the base of a mountain or the boundary between land and sea, then experience the harsh cold of the polar regions or the arid desert.

Find out how climate and geology have shaped these biomes, and how they continue to change over time.

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Temperate Woodland Biome

Explore the scene and learn about the Temperate Woodland Biome.
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Rainforest Biome

Come and explore the ancient, beautiful and endangered rainforest biome. Learn about the variety of life supported by this unique zone and find out how we can help to protect its future.
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Mountain (Alpine) Biome

Explore the unique features of a mountainous alpine biome and find out how plants, animals and even people have adapted to live here.
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Polar Biome

Take a trip to Antarctica and experience the harsh climate of Earth's polar regions. This ice-covered landscape offers many challenges for living things; explore the ice floes to discover its secrets.
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Desert Biome

All deserts have one thing in common: it hardly ever rains. But are they all alike, and what are the pressures of desert life? Explore this landscape to find out.
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Coastal Biome

Stand on the beach and look out to sea: this is a nearshore marine biome, the bridge between land and the deep ocean. What are the features of this biome, and how does its ecosystem function? Explore the coastline to find out.
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Freshwater Pond Biome

Explore the three distinct zones of this small ecosystem, finding out how the different conditions in each area of the pond can have a big impact on the plant and animal life that can thrive there.

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