Geology Zone

Geology Zone

Deep inside the Earth, there’s a hidden world of blistering heat and shifting plates. Visit an erupting volcano, feel an earthquake’s power, or even see into the core of our planet.

Explore how our planet’s tectonic plates have shaped its landforms and continue to have an impact today. Get up close to an erupting volcano or see how an earthquake can have devastating consequences, and see how tectonic activity is powerful enough to move mountains.

What lies deep down under the soil, beneath the bedrock? Cut open the centre of the Earth to explore what’s driving the forces that shape our seemingly unmoveable continents.

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How Earthquakes Happen

Tiny earthquakes happen every day, but some can release enormous amounts of energy and have devastating consequences. See what's happening beneath the Earth's crust to cause the ground to shake, and find out about the human impact of earthquakes.
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How Mountains Are Formed

Planet Earth has many mountains, some in long ranges, others seemingly alone - but all have been formed by powerful forces under the Earth's shifting tectonic plates. Explore three types of mountain formation, seeing what's happening under the surface.
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Witness the incredible destructive power of an active volcano in safety. See inside as magma flows from beneath the surface of the Earth, on its way to become a hot and potentially devastating flow of lava.

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