Geology Zone

Geology Zone

Deep inside the Earth, there’s a hidden world of blistering heat and shifting plates. Visit an erupting volcano, feel an earthquake’s power, or even see into the core of our planet.

Explore how our planet’s tectonic plates have shaped its landforms and continue to have an impact today. Get up close to an erupting volcano or see how an earthquake can have devastating consequences, and see how tectonic activity is powerful enough to move mountains.

What lies deep down under the soil, beneath the bedrock? Cut open the centre of the Earth to explore what’s driving the forces that shape our seemingly unmoveable continents.

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Angel Island

Explore Angel Island and learn all about its geology and geography.

PUBLISHED: 22nd Aug 2023
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Types of Landslides

PUBLISHED: 13th Jun 2023
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Romanian Salt Mines

Step down into a Romanian salt mine and learn the history of how this mineral was mined and the modern uses of salt mines as health facilities and tourist attractions.

PUBLISHED: 18th Apr 2023
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Yellowstone Hot Springs

The scene lets students investigate some hydrothermal features found in Yellowstone National Park. Students can observe a geyser and two different hot springs before travelling underground to understand how they are formed.

PUBLISHED: 21st Mar 2023
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The Fagaras Mountain

Explore the Fagaras Mountains and learn about the mountain range's biome.

PUBLISHED: 24th Jan 2023
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Mount Everest

Climb to the summit of Mount Everest and learn about its environment in detail.

PUBLISHED: 8th Mar 2022
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Welsh Coal Mining

Explore a Welsh coal mine and learn about the history and importance of mining in Wales!

PUBLISHED: 1st Mar 2022
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Journey to the Earth’s Core

Take a journey through a tunnel towards the centre of the Earth!

PUBLISHED: 12th Apr 2021
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Plate Tectonics

Explore what happens when the tectonic plates that form the Earth's crust meet.

PUBLISHED: 4th Mar 2021
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How Caves Are Formed

Travel through a fully explorable cave system and learn about its structure.

PUBLISHED: 1st Mar 2021
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How Earthquakes Happen

See beneath the Earth’s crust and learn what causes the ground to shake!

PUBLISHED: 16th Feb 2021
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How Mountains Are Formed

Explore three mountain formations and see what is happening under the surface!

PUBLISHED: 11th Feb 2021
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Visit an erupting volcano and learn about its impact on humans

PUBLISHED: 28th Jan 2021

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