Rivers & Oceans Zone

Rivers & Oceans Zone

Over millions of years, water has shaped landscapes all around the globe – but how? From the smallest stream to the largest ocean, explore the power of water.

Water has an enormous impact on our world. Millions of years of erosion by rivers, glaciers and seas has formed many of the landscapes we see today, and many of our most important cities are located by the water.

Find out exactly what happens as a river rushes by or a frozen glacier slowly carves through rock, and why water is so important to societies around the globe.

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How Rivers Are Formed

Rivers and streams criss-cross the landscape, but how did they get there, and what impact do they have on the earth beneath them? Explore how rainfall, underground springs, glaciers and lakes have become some of the world's most important rivers.
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Tidal Waves and Tsunamis

Waves flow across the Earth's oceans constantly, but what causes unusually large walls of water that have serious destructive power? Find out about tsunamis and their impact.
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Map of the Oceans

Explore the oceans of the world the easy way, as you travel across the Avanti's World ocean map. This map of the world is clear and easy to interpret, and shows learners how all of Earth's water is connected and flows together. The five oceans (Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern, and Arctic) are defined to aid navigation, and arrows have been added to help learners appreciate how warm and cold ocean currents circulate around the globe.
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Parts of a River

Follow the journey of a river from source to ocean, exploring the impact of each section of the river's course on the landscape around it.
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These enormous bodies of ice have incredible power, shaping large parts of the world's landscapes. Explore the journey of a glacier and find out how they created landforms in the past, and continue to have an impact today.
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Banks of the Mississippi

Explore just a small section of the incredible Mississippi river that stretches for over two thousands miles across the landscape of North America. What influence does this immense waterway have on the landscape, and what animals can be found there?

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