Wild Weather Zone

Wild Weather Zone

What causes weather and the seasons? Why are climates important? Just how do tornadoes, hurricanes and storms happen? Find out in the Wild Weather Zone!

Explore how climates and weather vary around the world, and through the changing seasons. Learn about how rain and snow are part of the water cycle, and how our planet’s climate is changing – and why.

Step inside some of the Earth’s most extreme weather conditions, from tornadoes to tsunami. See the impact that extreme weather can have on our planet and the people who live in the communities affected.

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Anatomy of a Storm

We can all recognise that distinctive dark grey cloud that tells us a storm is coming - but what causes thunderstorms, and what's really going on in stormy skies? Step inside one to find out!
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River Flooding

Rivers bring fresh water, a source of food and a method of transport to countless regions around the world - so it's little wonder that settlements have sprung up on their banks. But what happens when the river is overwhelmed and a flood occurs? Find out by exploring our time-lapse flooding scene.
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The Four Seasons

Experience all four seasons in a single landscape as you explore our garden, designed to show how seasonal changes cause weather differences - and how this drives the constant regrowth of plant life on Earth.
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Climate Change

How are humans causing climate change, and what can we do about it? Explore how emissions affect the temperature and energy flow on our planet, and spark discussions about the difficult choices humanity faces to protect life on Earth.

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