Trip Through Time



Trip Through Time Land is the historical area of Avantis World, designed to help students put themselves in the shoes of people who lived long ago. Have you ever wished you could take your students back in time? Then become a time traveller and see how our world has changed across the millennia, from dinosaurs to dynasties and Stonehenge to steam trains. Experience what life was really like in the trenches of the First World War, visit the first European settlements in Colonial America, or see the incredible hieroglyphics inside Ancient Egyptian tombs!

Explore the chronological Zones and find out what life was really like in the past…

Teaching Prehistoric Period in VR

Prehistoric Period

Travel millions of years back in time and walk alongside dinosaurs, then see how humanity evolved and hunt with our earliest ancestors.

Teaching Early Man in VR

Early Humanity

Find out how people lived thousands of years ago. Immerse yourself in ancient societies, from Egypt to Britain via Rome!

Teaching Early Civilisation in VR

Early Civilisations

Ever wanted to be a knight in a castle or a Viking warrior? Explore civilisations across the world from a thousand years ago.

Teaching Age of Exploration in VR

Age Of Exploration

The Renaissance is coming and boats are setting out to explore all corners of the globe, while scientists uncover amazing truths.

Teaching Age of Revolution in VR

Age Of Revolution

The world is changing in the turbulent times of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. From the Industrial Revolution to the American Revolution, find out how the foundations of our modern lives were built.

Teaching modern times in VR

Modern World

Welcome to the twentieth century – a time of amazing scientific advancement, but also of terrible conflict. How did we get to where we are today?