Age of Exploration Zone

Age of Exploration Zone

The Renaissance is coming and boats are setting out to explore all corners of the globe, while scientists uncover amazing truths.

In the period between 1200-1700 CE, the world became more connected than ever before, and the exploration wasn’t just around the globe – it extended to scientific discoveries too. The Late Middle Ages gave way to the Renaissance. In the 14th century, the Black Death spread across Europe, killing 50% of the population. By the 17th century, the scientific method as we understand it today – structured, rigorous investigation – was beginning to take hold.

Step into London in 1666 to see how the Great Fire started, visit Shakespeare’s Globe, or travel to Russia and be amazed by the spectacular St Basil’s Cathedral.

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The Black Death

Explore a medieval english street to learn about The Black Death that ocurred in the 1300's. Try to identify what caused the Black Death and how people were diagnosed and treated.
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Life in the Tudor Period

Explore the Tudor Street to learn about what it was like to live in the period of the Tudors.
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St Basil’s Cathedral

Visit Red Square's spectacular cathedral, with its brightly coloured spires and domes. Find out about the history of this beautiful building and its place in the history of Russia.
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The Great Fire of London

The year is 1666, and a fire has just broken out in a bakery in Pudding Lane. Soon, the fire will begin to spread, with devastating consequences; visit London to find out why.
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Shakespeare’s Globe

Step inside the Globe theatre in 1599, home of Shakespeare's latest plays. Explore the playhouse and discover how rich and poor all flocked to see the magic of the stage.

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