Early Civilisation Zone

Early Civilisation Zone

Ever wanted to be a knight in a castle or a Viking warrior? Explore civilisations across the world from a thousand years ago.

Between 0 and 1200 CE, the world moved from the Late Iron Age (that saw the decline of the Roman Empire) into the Middle Ages of the Medieval period. In Europe, the Dark Ages gave way to the dominance of the Holy Roman Empire, while the Byzantine Empire stood firm in Russia for hundreds of years. Britain saw the Vikings, Normans and Plantagenets come and go, while in America the Mayans, Aztecs, Incas and multitudes of indigenous tribes were dominant.

Take your students back in time by a thousand years (or two!) and explore a British castle, a Native American settlement and a Viking landing.

All of the scenes contained within this zone are shown below:

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Life in Anglo Saxon Britain

Explore the Anglo-Saxon Village in Britain to discover what it would have been like to live in this period of time.
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Life in Ancient Greece

Experience what life was like for average citizens living in Ancient Greece. This scene contains two houses - one for a rich family, another for a poorer family, Students can compare the decorations, luxuries and work lives of the residents of both houses and think about how life has changed since the time of the Ancient Greeks.
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Middle Ages Castle Courtyard

What's within the fortified stone walls of this castle? Explore how defence and everyday life came together in the period between the Norman Conquest and the Tudor age.
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Native American Site

Explore three different types of homes built by just some of the many Indigenous American peoples who once had thousands of settlements across the Plains region of North America, and look for clues about their ways of life.
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Tiptoe among the longships that have been left behind on the shore as invaders roam the land beyond. Find ancient artefacts and clues that reveal the Viking way of life.

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