Early Humanity Zone

Early Humanity Zone

Find out how people lived thousands of years ago. Immerse yourself in ancient societies, from Egypt to Britain via Rome!

Visit the earliest organised groups of humans coming together to create a larger society, from 3500 BCE to 1 CE. At the beginning of this period, the Stone Age came to an end and the first true civilizations were formed, first in Mesopotamia, and later in America, India, Egypt, the Mediterranean and Asia.

Shape your chronological knowledge of early human history and immerse yourself in these incredible cultures. Explore the lives of people from the Bronze Age (including the magnificent Stonehenge), Ancient Egypt, and the Ancient Roman Empire.

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Roman Villa

What was life like for the people of Ancient Rome? Travel back nearly two thousand years and find yourself in one of the most important rooms of a domus, or villa.
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Stand in the centre of this incredible ancient monument and feel the significance of the huge standing stones, painstakingly placed here thousands of years ago.
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Ancient Egyptian Temple

Explore the grandeur of an Ancient Egyptian temple, with its lavish decoration and statues to the powerful gods, Find out why places like these were so important to this ancient society.
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Maya Civilization

Explore an ancient Mesoamerican settlement and discover what life was like for the Maya people, from ball games to temples and mud huts to palaces.

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