Modern World Zone

Modern World Zone

Welcome to the twentieth century – a time of amazing scientific advancement, but also of terrible conflict. How did we get to where we are today?

A lot has changed since 1900! In just over a hundred years, history has seen two world wars, the invention of powered flight (and, less than 50 years later, the first space flight!), the development of global mass media, and more recently the dawn of the age of the internet – connecting us all in an instant, at the touch of a button.

In this Zone, you can explore modern history, from the two World Wars to the era of space exploration. Step onto the Moon with Neil Armstrong, experience life during the Blitz, or visit the Berlin Wall before its demolition.

All of the scenes contained within this zone are shown below:

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Rosa Parks

Explore this scene to find out about the segregation Rosa Parks faced in the 1950's.
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The Wright Brothers

Explore this scene to discover what happened on the very first flight and the impact the Wright Flyer continues to have in the twenty first century
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Life in Britain During World War Two

Step inside a typical British home during the Second World War and find out what life was like in the 1940s. How did the war affect what people ate or how they spent their time? And just what is that metal shed half-buried in the garden?
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D-Day Landing

Walk among the aftermath of the fighting after Allied forces landed on the beaches at Normandy in 1944. Just what made D-Day such a turning point, and at what cost?
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The London Blitz

It's September 1940 and London is being bombed relentlessly by the Germans. Without a shelter in your home, your only option is to take refuge in the London Underground. What will your night on the Tube be like?
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The Berlin Wall

Walk along this physical symbol of the Iron Curtain and visit a checkpoint to experience life under surveillance by the GDR. Find the graffiti that gives you an inkling of the dramatic fall that is soon to come.
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The Moon Landings

Stand next to the lunar lander as Neil Armstrong steps down onto the Moon for the first time and utters those famous words, then climb out of the crater and look back at the Earth in all its beauty.
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World War One Trench

What was daily life really like for soldiers in the trenches of the First World War? Visit and find out for yourself as you explore the place where countless thousands of men slept, ate, fought and died.

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