Animals & Habitats Zone

Animals & Habitats Zone

From miniture molluscs to enormous elephants, explore the animal kingdom and their homes and habitats up close and personal!

Our world is home to over 8.7 million species of living things. This incredible variety exists because Earth’s surface has such a range of climates and environments, on land and in water.

Explore a wide variety of habitats that can be found all over the globe, from polar regions to hot deserts, and temperate countryside to tropical rainforests. See the plants and animals that thrive in these environments and consider how they are adapted to live there.

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Pond Life

It may look like a simple garden pond, but this habitat is full of life, balanced in a delicate ecosystem. Visit the sloping edge and discover creatures sheltering there, then dive down into the clear water to explore the plants and animals that make this pond their home.
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Mountain Habitat

Visit a magnificent snow-capped mountain, home to many animals and plants who are adapted to the changing conditions. Explore the rocky slopes and surrounding lowlands to find out about this habitat, found in many forms around the world.
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Coastal Habitat

Visit the boundary between land and sea to find creatures adapted to the rising and falling of the tide. Walk along the coastline and hear waves crashing on the shore.
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Forest Floor Habitat

Down on the forest floor, tiny insects are breaking down the leaves and branches that fall, while larger animals leave their distinctive tracks. What creatures will you find among the trees?
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Rock Pool Habitat

Rock pools may be small, but they're teeming with life. Swim in these tiny habitats and discover for yourself just how tough the conditions can get in the intertidal zone!
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Rainforest Habitat

From the leaves and vines of the canopy to the wet undergrowth of the forest floor, this habitat is full of an incredible variety of life. Explore the plants and animals that live here in the tropical rainforest.
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Polar Habitat

North and South come together as one in this icy landscape. Observe incredible animals from the Arctic and Antarctic, from polar bears to penguins.
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Desert Habitat

It's hot, dry and seemingly desolate - but this desert is home to some truly remarkable creatures. Explore the vast sands and find out about the plants and animals that thrive in this inhospitable environment.
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Countryside Habitat: Night

The sun has gone down in the countryside, and everything is quiet - but hidden in the darkness are a wealth of amazing nocturnal animals for you to discover.
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Countryside Habitat: Day

Far away from the city, this idyllic landscape may look unchanged by human activity - but look again to find out how people have shaped the countryside and the plants and animals that live there.

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