Technology Zone

Technology Zone

From early computers to 5G networks, here you can dive inside a PC, follow data flow through a home network and learn all about technology that shapes our lives.

Computers and related technologies are so ubiquitous that our students can hardly imagine life before they existed. This Zone gives you the opportunity to untangle just how our world of interconnected devices works.

Explore how technology has changed over the years, and the impact it has on our lives. What’s inside a computer? How does the internet really work?

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Leonardo da Vinci’s Flying Machine

Explore da Vinci's Flying Machine, analysis and evaluate his work and the relationship between energy and forces needed for flight.
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Inside a Mobile Phone

Explore and become familiar with the components inside a mobile phone that give it its functionality
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Brief History of Technology

Explore to learn about how technology has changed over time.
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Inside a Computer

Get ready to shrink down even smaller than a (computer) mouse and squeeze inside the case of a PC from 1987. Do you know your CPU from your floppy drive?
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Networks in the Home

See just how many devices in many modern homes rely on Wi-Fi to do their job - and find out how our home networks are connected to the worldwide network we call the Internet.
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What is the Internet?

You probably use it every day - but what exactly is the internet? Enter this simulation to find out how data travels around the globe to make modern life possible.

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