Energy & Forces Zone

Energy & Forces Zone

From magnetism and electricity, to gravity, friction and nuclear fusion! Experience energy and forces like never before!

Give students new ways to explore what forces we experience in our everyday lives, how forces act on objects, and how this relates to energy.

Find out about how balancing forces keep aircraft flying, and how our homes use energy in different forms.

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Sound Waves

In this scene, students can explore Sound Street to learn about how sounds travel through solid liquid and gases. The Street can be explored and will provide many examples of different sounds.
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Generating Electricity

Visit a fossil fuel power station and climb inside a wind turbine as you explore in detail how electricity is generated. See how different energy resources can be used to spin a turbine, and how that spinning movement is used in huge electricity generators to move magnets and generate electricity. See how step-up transformers are used to increase the electricity's voltage before it is transported long distances over the National Grid to the towns and cities beyond.
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Magnets and Magnetism

Magnetism is a natural force which can act over a distance, pulling certain objects closer to each other and sticking them together. Magnets can be naturally occurring; Planet Earth acts as a giant magnet, and this is why a compass will always point to North. Magnets can also be made and controlled. Powerful electromagnets can pick up heavy objects, and they can be controlled at the flick of a switch. As many materials are non-magnetic, and so unaffected by the force of a magnetic field, magnets can be very useful for sorting materials.
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Nuclear Power Plant

Travel to a nuclear power plant and explore how nuclear fuels can be used to generate electricity. See inside the reactor where fuel rods release energy through nuclear fission to heat water into steam, and find the area where turbines and electricity generators use this energy source to generate electricity to be used in homes and businesses.
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The Physics of Flight

What have a Sopwith Camel, an F15 Eagle and a private jet all got in common? They're all subject to Newton's laws of motion, and they can all get airborne - find out how by exploring the forces that act on them in this wind tunnel.
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Energy in the Home

Our homes are full of electrical appliances big and small - but how does that energy get to where it needs to be, and which devices use the most power? Explore this house to find out (you might just be surprised by how energy-hungry some of the appliances can be!).
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Sources of Light

Imagine if you could explore a place filled with sources of light, natural and artificial - from fireflies and stars to lighthouses and LEDs.

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