Humans & Anatomy Zone

Humans & Anatomy Zone

Float through a blood vessel, hold a beating heart in your hand and examine the human body like never before, this zone will simply astound you!

We all live inside a body, but knowing what’s going on in there is a different story! The scenes in the Humans and Anatomy Zone will help your students to understand the processes, organs and systems that keep their bodies fit and healthy. Find new ways to teach these abstract concepts with virtual reality.

Shrink yourself down and explore the circulatory system, or even become so small you can fit inside an animal cell!

All of the scenes contained within this zone are shown below:

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The Human Skeleton

Explore this scene to discover the purpose and function of The Human Skeleton.
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Our Five Senses

How do we understand information about the world? Discover how our sense organs and our incredible brain work together to make our everyday lives possible.
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Human Heart

See exactly how blood pumps through the chambers of your heart by viewing it in action, from all angles! Watch the valves open and close as blood cells travel through the most important muscle in the human body.
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Inside an Animal Cell

Become a microscopic observer as you're transported inside an animal cell. Float past the nucleus, hover over the mitochondria and examine the vacuole from all angles - this is Biology as you've never experienced it before!
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Inside a Vein

Become a tiny explorer as you float through a vein, discovering blood cells and their functions along the way.

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