Materials, Properties & States Zone

Materials, Properties & States Zone

From elements, compounds and electrons, to liquids, gases and solids, learn all about the things that make up our physical world!

Understanding what makes up the things that surround us every day can be more complex than it appears. Getting hands-on with materials is key, but VR provides you with another way to place this learning in context. Explore how materials can be used, how they change, and the different states of matter, from solids to liquids and gases.

Take a look at the practical applications of materials on a construction site or immerse yourself in the water cycle to see how evaporation and condensation power life on Earth.

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How Fossils are Made

Travel back millions of years to see ammonites swimming the prehistoric oceans and dinosaurs roaming the lands! If the conditions are right, once these creatures have died and become covered, the hard parts of their bodies will slowly turn to fossils deep underground, and with a bit of luck they might eventually be discovered in modern times.
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Visit our new race track to learn about Combustion. The scene will describe the important elements that are needed for combustion and provide examples of combustion in a variety of forms.
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Changing States

Enter our virtual lab and explore the changing states of matter from solid to liquid and then gas. Here you can see the particles in a solid block of ice and observe their movement as heat is applied.
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Construction Site

What makes a good material for building a house and why? Take the opportunity to explore a construction site in safety and find out all about the properties of common materials.
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Recycling Plant

How exactly do different materials get recycled and processed to make them useful again? Step inside the rooms of our recycling centre to watch as glass, plastic and more are transformed into something new.
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The Water Cycle

Water is changing states all around us, all the time. Explore how these changes form the water cycle and sustain all life on Earth.

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