Plants Zone

Plants Zone

Explore the life cycle of a plant, see how pollination works and learn all about photosynthesis in the amazing world of plants!

Explore the science of flora in the Plants Zone. Plant life on Earth is incredibly varied, with nearly 400,000 species identified! Without plants, our ecosystem could not exist; they are the foundation of all food chains and grow in an amazing range of habitats.

Step through the doors to find out all about plant life, from the very smallest cells to the reproductive cycle. Explore the processes of pollination and photosynthesis to find out how plants support all life on Earth.

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Structure of a Leaf

Explore the leaf outside and inside and familiarize yourself with the structure of a leaf and how it is adapted for photosynthesis.
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Seed Dispersal

Explore some of the many ways that plants disperse their seeds in this lively scene. Once a plant has created a seed, there are many different ways it can be transported to a new location to begin to grow. Some seeds are light enough and the right shape to be blown on the wind, while others bust out and spread around the area. Seeds with burs will attach to a passing anima's fur, while seeds which can be eaten will later be deposited by that animals in a new location, ready to grow!
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Travel to a garden and explore the amazing process of photosynthesis taking place in the green leaves of this giant plant! See where the plant absorbs water through its roots, takes in air through its leaves, and then uses the energy from sunlight to transform these ingredients into a new, complex molecule, glucose for the plant to store and use as food when needed. This incredible transformation means that plants are 'producers', creating their own food, and they are the basis of most food chains on Earth. As you climb the stalk of the sunflower, the first leaf you visit will give a simple overview of photosynthesis, the next leaf shows in detail the molecules involved, and finally the highest leaf hints at the complex structures inside the leaf where photosynthesis takes place.
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Inside a Plant Cell

It's time to get tiny and explore the inside of a typical plant cell. Find out what this cell has in common with those that make up animal life - and what specialised features make it stand out as a plant cell.
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Fly alongside the bees and butterflies in this garden, visiting a flower to find out exactly what's inside - and how insects have a crucial role to play in plant reproduction.
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Life Cycle of a Plant

See all the life stages of this flowering plant and examine them in detail, both above and below ground, to learn all about how plants reproduce.

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