Plants Zone

Plants Zone

Explore the life cycle of a plant, see how pollination works and learn all about photosynthesis in the amazing world of plants!

Explore the science of flora in the Plants Zone. Plant life on Earth is incredibly varied, with nearly 400,000 species identified! Without plants, our ecosystem could not exist; they are the foundation of all food chains and grow in an amazing range of habitats.

Step through the doors to find out all about plant life, from the very smallest cells to the reproductive cycle. Explore the processes of pollination and photosynthesis to find out how plants support all life on Earth.

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Specialised Cells – Palisade Cell

Explore this scene to learn about palisade cells. As sepcialised cells, palisade cells have specific structures making them adapted to carry out their specialised functions.

PUBLISHED: 7th Mar 2023
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Structure of a Leaf

Climb inside a leaf and learn how it is adapted for photosynthesis.

PUBLISHED: 22nd Feb 2022
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Seed Dispersal

Stroll through the park and learn how different plants spread their seeds to new locations.

PUBLISHED: 10th May 2021
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Explore the garden and learn about the process of photosynthesis.

PUBLISHED: 14th Apr 2021
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Inside a Plant Cell

Shrink down and explore the inside of a plant cell to learn about its specialised features.

PUBLISHED: 19th Jan 2021
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Visit a flower to find out exactly what's inside and discover how insects have a crucial role to play in plant reproduction.

PUBLISHED: 14th Jan 2021
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Life Cycle of a Plant

See all the life stages of this flowering plant and examine them in detail, both above and below ground, to learn all about how plants reproduce.

PUBLISHED: 14th Jan 2021

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