Time & Space Zone

Time & Space Zone

From the great space race to time itself, explore the planets and solar systems and experience what it would be like living on Mars!

Space is always a fascinating topic for students – perhaps because most of us will never leave Earth. These scenes give you the opportunity to bring outer space to life, and to teach tricky abstract concepts (what happens to the Earth over the course of a day or a year? Why does our Moon look different on different days?).

You too can be an astronaut and explore the Solar System and beyond. See how robots (and maybe one day humans) traverse the surface of Mars, and experience the surface of distant planets.

All of the scenes contained within this zone are shown below:

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The Sun – Our Star

Explore the properties of the Sun, our star and learn how important it is for sustaining life on Earth.
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Life Onboard ISS

Explore the International Space Station and learn about how astronauts live and work there.
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The Life Cycle of a Star

Take an incredible journey following the life cycle of a star, from its formation within a nebula, past a giant model of the main sequence stage, and finally exploring the different ways that different stars come to an end, from dramatic supernova explosions to fascinating black holes.
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The Moon

Ever wished you could stand on the Moon and gaze back down at our remarkable planet? Follow in the footsteps of famous astronauts and intricate robots as you explore our only natural satellite.
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Mars One Base

What challenges could humans face when they set foot on the red planet for the first time? Explore what life would be like for an astronaut on a crewed mission to Mars.
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Mars Curiosity

Land on Mars alongside the Curiosity rover and examine this incredible machine up close as it explores the surface of the red planet.
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The Solar System

Fly through the solar system, from the burning surface of the Sun to the desolate outer regions, stopping off at some of the planets on the way to explore.

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